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Vehicle Overview

Chrysler  300 S is one of the most popular sedans in private car service. This car is very suitable for airport pick-up, business meetings and all other arrangements involving a party of three. A lot of things set this car apart from others.
Passengers: 3 Phone Charger: Yes Fully Insured: Yes
Interior: Black Leather Complimentary water  No smoking
Music System: Yes On Board Snacks: No Surround Sound: Yes
On Board Wifi: No Bag Capacity: 4 LCD Screens: Yes

Some of the attributes of this car include;

Chrysler 300 S  is a car with lots of potentials; its elegant design is as captivating as it is exotic, a ride in this car will leave you with wonderment.
Bodywork: one quick look at the Chrysler S model and you will see the power it possesses; its prestigious architectural design makes it stand out amidst the crowd. You cannot fail to notice the beautiful bodywork of the Chrysler S model when it pulls up to the curb, its daytime running lights, the graceful lines that run through its flanks and its 20-inch alloy wheels gives it character.
Interior: when it comes to the attributes that build up the luxurious character of Chrysler S model, its beautiful interior is the first pick. Enjoy the luxurious feel of its wet heated leather seats (front and rear) and the comfort of its 60/40 split rear seats when you want to catch a quick shut-eye. The spacious interior of this vehicle can provide seating arrangement for four passengers.

Chrysler S model makes a powerful statement with its V8 engine that can rev-up 363 horsepower and its advanced all-wheel-drive system. This makes Chrysler S model suitable for all weathers and roads.